Appreciation of my work

  • Master of Folk Art Production.
  • Prize at the exhibition "Folk Crafts and Folk Art Production in the Czech Republic," organized by the National Institute of Folk Culture in Strážnice in 2003.
  • The 1-st prize in design competition for 2003, organized by the Czech National Company, in the category of table decorations. This prize was awarded for the set of linen with handmade bobbin lace and intensive use of traditional technology, precise processing, balanced and artistically high-quality solutions and overall composition.
  • Competition on the theme "Jewel as a fashion accessory" organized by OIDFA Congress, held in Prague in 2004 , awarded the 1-st prize for an original idea, great art and craftsmanship and the overall aesthetic impression.
  • Award of "The Golden Spinning Wheel 2005", granted by Governor of Hradec Kralove region for outstanding production in the field of lace.
  • Award of "The Golden Bobbin" received at the 5-th Czech Lace Biennial in 2010 in the category of lace for apparel and interior work "Playing with squares II.


  • Awarded a certificate of "Eagle Mountains original product"